Are Air Tracks Safe?

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Air tracks are reliable and more than safe. Air tracks can be used easily in an appropriate manner. These can be used accurately. Although we are aware that most of the air tracks from Kameymall brand is fully waterproof; however, we would never recommend you to use them in wet area or in water due to high risks of injury caused by slippery surface. Air tracks are useful product for training athletes like dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts who have a basic need of this useful product. It’s robust material ensures its softness and safety for landing of difficult skills.

As we know that air tracks are safe to use and specifically designed for tumbling aid, it is not always a good recommendation to try innovative skills and tricks on them straight away. We would like to advice you saving of skills and the skills learning process to be only used in gyms while keeping the air track only for at-home product for practicing previously learned skills. It helps to polish these previous skills and stunts. It can also be useful for working on power and strength. It is a perfect match with more safety and bounces.