Face Filters on Snapchat, New Formatting Options on WhatsApp

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Among the many features of WhatsApp, one of the best is its ability to send free calls. This application uses your internet connection rather than your cellular data, allowing you to make international calls without paying for them. It also supports end-to-end encryption, making it the best messaging application on the market. Its lack of face filters, ability to make text bold, and Bcc field, are also features that you may find lacking. These features are sure to increase your enjoyment of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption

The fact that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption prevents the government from accessing your messages makes it one of the most secure messaging services on the market. Governments and spies cannot access your messages on its servers or your phone unless you give them permission. The company announced the end-to-end encryption on 5 April 2016, shortly after a federal judge ordered Apple to help the FBI get into the phone of Syed Farook.

What is end-to-end encryption? End-to-end encryption works by encrypting all messages from sender to recipient. This means that messages are scrambled on the way to the recipient and can only be decoded on the recipient’s device. This means that you are protected from privacy violations, government surveillance, and haters. End-to-end encryption also keeps information private and secure.

Its lack of face filters

With the introduction of face filters on Snapchat, how to hack whatsapp? The popular app is getting an update that adds new features. While these updates are not directly related to the Snapchat platform, they are a welcome addition for users of the app. The update adds a variety of filters for photos and videos. What’s more, it now allows you to turn videos into GIFs. So, what’s the catch?

Snapchat made the trend of using a selfie filter, and the feature quickly caught on. Thousands of apps have followed suit. Now, even the most popular messaging apps have their own version of Snapchat Stories. Face filters are a major part of a lot of popular social media apps, and many users have turned to these new features to add fun to their photos. While there are other apps that feature similar features, Snapchat is by far the best.

Its ability to make text bold

With the latest update to the messaging service, users will now have access to new formatting options. Users can make text bold, italic, strike-through, or highlight by typing * before or after a word. Previously, such features were only available on the web version of WhatsApp. Now, users can use the same formatting options on their mobile devices. Here are a few examples.

Let’s start with bolding text.

The first way is by using the formatting options built into WhatsApp. To format text using Monospace, you just select the text you want to change, and then select BIU followed by

Monospace. Alternatively, you can choose the meatballs menu icon to apply the formatting. Monospace cannot be combined with other native formatting options, so be sure to check the preferences before applying it. If you want bold text and italic text, both methods should work fine.

Its lack of a Bcc field

What does Its lack of a Bcc box on WhatsApp mean? Simply put, Bcc is the field to place a message in when sending an email to a group. Using the Bcc field can be considered a privacy invasion, but it can also help protect you when sending messages to a group. Simply enter the address of the person you wish to receive the message from in the “To” field, and then put the rest of the recipients in the “Bcc” field.

The Bcc field is not visible in the preview panel, but you can view the message’s Bcc information by clicking the button in the header section. You can also open the message in Outlook and view the Bcc recipients in a pop-up window. The Bcc field is not visible to the recipient of the message, but it is visible to the sender. If you want to delete the message, you can click the Bcc button and then select the recipient you wish to remove from the recipient’s Bcc list.

Its lack of a group chat feature

Many users complain that WhatsApp doesn’t have a group chat feature. However, this is not entirely true. While the app currently doesn’t support groups, it is introducing Communities. With Communities, you can bring several group chats together under one umbrella, each with a subtopic. Think of Communities as similar to Discord servers, which have a central theme and several channels for people to discuss it.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will let users leave group chats silently, without sending a notification to other members. The feature will replace the automatic group chat message that pops up when users leave a group. Regardless of what version of the app you’re using, the new feature will be available soon. It will be available for iPhone and Android devices. If you’re not sure whether it will be on your phone, you can check out the beta versions and try it out for yourself.