How to communicate using your PC with other electronic devices

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Computers are useful because they can communicate with electronic devices. Your computer can talk via cables and telephone line to other computers, as well as printers and fax machines best electronic devices.

There are many uses for the fact that so much equipment is on the same speaking terms. You can share a printer or fax machine with another user. It is possible to send and receive messages by email, which is the fastest and easiest way to get any message sent anywhere in this world.

Most important, you can connect with the vast, global computer network which makes up the Internet. You can communicate with distant computers and their owners by using a modem, which is connected to a phone line.

With a connector cable, you can physically join two computers together to share a printer and scanner. You can also move files between the computers using this method.

You must have the right modem to send and retrieve faxes. A mini-application, which comes with Windows 98/XP, is also necessary. To access the internet, you will need a modem as well as an account with your service provider. You can use your personal internet computer as a service provider, a travel agent and a bookshop. It also serves as a meeting point.

Two computers from the same household can be linked together with a cable if they need to share resources. This might be necessary if you need to share your printer. First, make certain that all computers are connected to each other by using a cable. Dial Up Networking, which allows you connect your computer and another one to another place outside of your house using both personal computers with a modem is an option.

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