How to Identify a Professional Translation Company

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There are three basic aspects of a good translation company that will help you decide if they are worth your time and money. These are their Rules and Regulations, Customer service, and Case studies. Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have no problem deciding whether to use a translation company. But remember to do a little research before hiring one. This article will help you determine which factors to look for when choosing a Korea translation company.

Case studies

For a case study, the director should choose a specific text for translation. Ideally, this text will be an entire work, equivalent to 4,000 words, that represents the company’s area of translation activity. The text should also represent a work of art, scholarly work, or commercial endeavor. If the selected text is too long or too short, the director may choose a group of texts that each amount to 4,000 words.

To produce a successful Case Study, a translation service provider must first document the terminology used in the case. A proper translation-oriented resource includes terms that are not common knowledge. While creating the terminology section of a Case Study, translators should consider filtering out common knowledge and terminology that can be adapted for future reference. During the translation process, the translator should collect and document terms they encounter and their sources. This terminology work should begin as soon as the project begins. It should be completed before the text is translated and continue throughout the process of translating the text.


When looking for a translation company, it is important to know how to spot a professional. A professional translation company should be able to understand the type of project and what expertise is required. They should also be able to analyze the project, determining the language requirements, quantity, and time frame. After analyzing these factors, the company should select a translator in line with the project’s language and linguistic requirements. Ideally, they will accept translation assignments that they are qualified to complete and within the specified deadline.

A professional translation company hires native speakers and those from the target country. These professionals understand the culture, consumer behavior, and dialect. In addition, they understand legal considerations. By hiring a native speaker, a professional translation company ensures that the final product is suitable for the target market. A professional translation company will also have the expertise to help you develop marketing strategies that will reach your target audience. This will ensure that your translations are global and custom-tailored for your business needs.


Identifying a professional translation company is vital to the success of your project. Professional translation agencies follow strict rules and regulations to ensure quality and consistency. You can easily identify a professional agency by its compliance with ISO standards. ISO quality standards are recognized worldwide and a certified translation service provider has demonstrated that it can adhere to these standards. When looking for a translation company, pay close attention to the following points:

The technology platform of the translation agency must be ISO-certified. Additionally, look for ISO27001 certification if your company is more concerned with security. ISO-certified translation agencies must have clear understanding of these guidelines and be committed to ensuring the safety of your documents. Listed below are 20 requirements to look for when evaluating a translation agency. Consider these factors before placing your order. Once you have identified these criteria, you can proceed to the next step.

Customer service

A quality translation service provider provides superior customer support. If you are looking for the best translation company, look for a team of people with relevant experience and excellent language skills. Excellent customer service goes beyond providing top-quality translation. It also includes addressing any queries or concerns that may arise during the translation process. If the company does not provide these services, then you may end up in a sticky situation. The customer support team should promptly resolve any issues that may arise.

If your translation request involves an unfamiliar language, you should seek out a company with a large, multilingual staff. You can contact these specialists by phone, email, or online form to get an estimate for your project. Ask about the different types of services they provide and whether they have any specialties. A good translation service should be able to provide quotes in under two business days. They should also provide ongoing support and a dedicated team that works with their clients.