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Is it better to rent or buy a Knee Scooter?

We offer the Knee scooter rental to aid you with your non-weight bearing needs, whether you’re contemplating surgery or just tired of crutches. A no-hassle rental is the greatest financial option for recovery for the majority of our customers, who have a recovery period of 4-8 weeks.

A knee scooter is a great substitute for crutches. They are commonly recommended for below-the-knee surgery rehabilitation since they can accommodate most mobility limitations for foot and ankle injuries. Although recovery can be difficult, using a knee walker can help you gain a lot more mobility.

Is it Better to Rent or Buy a Knee Scooter?

Knee scooters, often referred to as knee walkers, are an excellent alternative to crutches as a mobility aid following an orthopedic accident, surgery, or rehabilitation period. Knee scooters are designed in such a way that they give users with a comfortable and stable mode of transportation while also limiting the movement of an injury. Ask any foot doctor or orthopedic surgeon, and they’ll tell you that knee scooters are far preferable to crutches for reducing the chance of re-injury. Knee scooters are a safe and convenient mobility tool that eliminates the dangers and inconvenience associated with crutches.

So, sure, knee scooters would be the most beneficial and comfortable crutch alternative—which gets us to the big question:

Extensive costs are probably the last thing on your mind during your recovery from an injury.

You should probably think about these other questions when deciding whether to buy or rent a knee scooter:

You should ask the following questions:

  • How long has your doctor advised you to avoid putting weight on your foot or ankle?
  • Is there a local medical supply store that sells knee scooters in your area?
  • Do they have them in stock right now, or will they have them by the time your procedure is scheduled?
  • Do local medical supply stores solely sell or rent knee scooters, or do they do both?
  • What are the costs of buying vs. renting?
  • How much of a deposit will you be required to make?
  • Are you willing to hunt about for better deals, which may necessitate making several phone calls?
  • If you can’t find a knee scooter locally, you can always order one online, but are you ready to wait 4-7 days for it to arrive?
  • Do you intend to store or resell your knee scooter once you’ve stopped using it? (typically 5 weeks)
  • Are you aware that resell values are typically 50% of new prices, and that reselling it for a loss could take months?

When you go for Knee scooter rental, you may have additional concerns about what you will do with it once you no longer require it. While many people would put it in storage for later use or resell it at some point, the chances of utilizing it again or recouping the money invested on it are minimal. Also, if you have an injury and need a knee scooter right away, anticipate it to take 4-7 days to arrive if you order one online. Then you’ll have to unpack it and put it together while standing on one leg to avoid aggravating your injury.

After breaking his ankle in 2018, Knee Scooter USA’s founder Rob Urban tackled these challenges and devised a cost-effective alternative to assist individuals who have had difficulty obtaining a Knee Scooter. After unable to locate a reasonably priced rental or used knee scooter within commuting distance, he decided to acquire a $150 knee scooter from Amazon and have it delivered to his home. He realized he only required his knee scooter for three weeks after receiving it, and he ended up losing 50% of his money trying to resell it once he recovered.

Knee Scooter USA eliminates a large percentage of the fees connected with renting a knee scooter while also providing options for normal knee scooters and all-terrain knee scooters, ensuring that others are not put in the same situation. Knee Scooter is the lowest pricing range for a conventional knee scooter. There is no deposit required, and after you have selected and reserved your knee scooter model online, you can pick it up right away — fully constructed, sterilized, and ready to use. The total prices and convenience of renting a knee scooter far outweigh the overall expenses of buying or renting from another provider, all while providing clients with a hassle-free, convenient recovery experience.