Jordan Travis for Heisman Trophy billboards go up near ESPN in Bristol

Their objective was to encourage people to drink – and it worked well. You see, these ideas cannot be translated the same way in digital platforms. Read more about times square advertising here. Billboards remain relevant at any given time – even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite lockdowns implemented to curb the spread of the virus, people are still bound to go outside for essential travel. Channelling that childlike excitement of seeing your first ever aeroplane, the billboard is a marvellous example of interactive design. The billboards were showcased in London’s Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick.

Consider the flow of traffic and choose a location that will receive high visibility from your target audience. This might be on a busy road, near a highway or in a high-traffic pedestrian area. Different Billboard formats have strengths and limitations regarding what information is conveyed.

Common Sense Regulation for Cannabis Marketing

It has been observed in many surveys and studies that billboard advertisements have the most considerable number of audiences and impressions. Use promo code “BILLBOARDADS” for 25% off Penji’s Pro Plan for 1 month. With digital ads being at the front and center of many marketing campaigns, some start thinking twice about traditional forms of advertising. Innovative billboard advertising campaigns from around the world. Billboard advertising is the only marketing media where the advertiser has full control of the ad space. The ad has constant exposure – no other media allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Billboard Advertising ROI

Billboards and posters all over London directed would-be shoppers to the new store, encouraging them to take the most eco-friendly route . But it is a clever marketing tactic from fast food outlet KFC. In fact, our above-mentioned stats have also supported this fact strongly.

Racist insults were collected via social media, and tattooed onto the body of a man to turn him into a ‘human billboard’. The man then walked around Paris distributing leaflets explaining the campaign and encouraging people to join the conversation. This makes a billboard a surprisingly cost-effective method of advertising, as well.

Advancements in billboard technology have also added a new dimension to billboard advertising effectiveness, with the ability to display multiple ads throughout the day. Another good thing about billboards is that you can install them in any location suitable for your business.


Above all, we help the companies we work with to optimise their budgets, allowing them to control their budget and also to obtain higher visibility for the same budget. Also, physical billboards cost less than dynamic billboards. The information regarding the traffic in that area can be found out from the local authorities and the local people residing in that area. The more the traffic around the billboard, the more is the cost of advertising on billboards.

Businesses have prospered dynamically after deploying the right techniques of billboard advertisements. Print ads are viral because of their low costs and more effectiveness. Among the various types of print ads like newspaper ads and magazine ads, there are billboard ads as well. Blip provides thousands of digital billboards that are easy to set up, flexible, and available for businesses of any size. For example, a campaign by Outfront for the Dollar Shave Club drove awareness for the company using billboard ads. Based on their result, 63% recalled seeing Dollar Shave Club on billboards, while 45% of consumers wanted to search for Dollar Shave Club online. Billboard advertising is sometimes referred to as outdoor advertising.

In fact, if you want to target a massive or general audience, billboard advertising should be a mandatory part of your marketing strategy. Here are some statistical figures to prove that billboard advertising is still a very impactful advertising practice. Tens of thousands of individuals must probably see those ads every day. Even if it’s only for a second, all of those people think of those advertised brands when they see those ads. These impressions lead to brand awareness and even sales of those companies’ offerings. In the United States, how much billboards cost is determined by the geographic market, out-of-home rating, and whether it’s a physical or digital board.