Overcoming Pittakionophobia, Fear of Stickers, With Hypnotherapy

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Sticker fear is a effective phobia that impacts many human beings for the duration of the world

Like all phobias, it is essentially an tension ailment.

Simply placed, those with this specific phobia enjoy varying degrees of tension while faced with stickers or sticky labels – whether the ones stickers are on fruit along with apples, bananas or kiwis, on plastic gadgets, family home equipment or on garb, it makes little difference.

This phobia can make even the most courageous man or woman shiver with fear.

Perhaps the primary motive that this unique phobia is so little acknowledged is due to the fact individuals affected by this irrational fear have often advanced a sense of abnormality or disgrace, wrongly believing that most effective they have this particular difficulty.

Because of this, people who are scared of stickers or of sticky custom vinyl stickers labels frequently feel foolish, becoming reluctant to speak about it to others and so it stays largely hidden.

Indeed, in my medical practice I have treated best human beings for this particular phobia. Both were clients who were efficiently handled for other conditions and who mentioned, nearly in passing, that they also suffered from the worry of stickers.

Once uncovered, but, it’s far a fairly simple method to permanently take away the worry and phobia.

The real hassle, of path, is that most of those laid low with this debilitating phobia simply do no longer realize that effective remedy is to be had. Symptoms of a sticky label phobia are similar to the ones of different phobias: improved heart rate, palpitations, dry mouth, shortness of breath and even feelings of dizziness or nausea while exposed to the rationally benign stimulus of stickers or sticky labels.

So hidden is this phobia that currently there seems to be no typically normal name for the fear of stickers or of sticky labels. It truly does now not currently seem on any phobia list.

However, I actually have coined a neologism – or new word – for this phobia, based on proper linguistic regulations, which I provide right here.

The phrase ‘phobia’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘worry’ and the guideline is that any suffix connected to it need to additionally be of Greek origin. (Though some phobia names comprise suffixes derived from Latin, that is linguistically incorrect and has been brought about sincerely because the doctors who coined the name of the terror were greater acquainted with Latin than they had been with Greek!)

The cost of having a correct name for the irrational fear of stickers and of sticky labels is that the ones tormented by this phobia may properly find actual relief in coming across that there may be indeed a name for their secret worry and so may additionally feel much less peculiar and specific.

Having a accurate name for any situation that disturbs us is a main step forward in becoming empowered to seek proper remedy for it.

The name I offer is ‘pittakionophobia’.

Initially, this could seem like a chunk of a mouthful, but it truly isn’t always. It is surely said: pit-ak-ion-ophobia.

‘Pittakion’ is the Greek phrase for label or ticket (in Latin it is ‘pittacium’) and so, mixed with ‘phobia’ pittakionophobia is the irrational worry of stickers or of labels.

Causes of Pittakionophobia – Fear of Stickers

The actual causes of pittakionophobia nearly continually lie within the individual’s beyond.

Because of a preceding revel in, the person’s unconscious has linked stickers or sticky labels with tension and hazard.

Most frequently, this has occurred in early life or inside the early years of early life, though in some cases it is able to have occurred later in existence.