The Art of Roof Cleaning For Asphalt Shingle Roofs

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Cleaning the asphalt shingle roof of roofs is a relatively new segment that several pressure washing firms have begun to pay attention to. Cleaning asphalt shingle roofs is quite easy if you are educated about how roofs are constructed and the potential issues to avoid, and the kind of stains you have to eliminate. Many pressure washing firms who start roof cleaning realize that there is a significant amount of expertise and training required to clean roofs. Anyone who is involved in roof cleaning needs to be aware of the way roofs are constructed.

Inexperience in understanding the proper methods for installing a roof can result in damage of thousands of dollars caused by a pressure washer. It is crucial that the pressure washer employs a low pressure in order to prevent damaging the shingles and also that the roof is examined prior to the start of the task. Be aware that most pressure washing equipment employed in roofing cleaning employ at least 4 GPM and up to 10- GPM!. Therefore, it’s simple to see why understanding the roofing installation and roof inspection is essential considering the volume of water that can be able to enter your structure during Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia.

The majority of roofing materials are placed over the top layer of felt paper and, in some instances, an ice-guarding material that is similar to rubber. The initial roof shingles layer is referred to as the starter course. It is placed at the bottom of the roofing, with the top side facing down. This creates a solid foundation for water to flow across without getting absorbed into the rafters or plywood is placed between the shingles in key ways. After the layer is put up, another shingle is placed directly on top then the rest part of the roofing put in the same way across over the top.

The reason shingles are constructed in this way is to permit the water to flow over one shingle and onto the next until it is able to enter into the drainage system. After you have mastered the fundamentals of roofing installation, it’s equally important to be aware of the other components of the roof and what they do to prevent leaks from occurring around them. To aid in identification, images of these structures are available on our roofing repair services in Maryland page.

After you’ve identified the typical fixtures on a roof , the following step will be to decide the things you’ll be cleaning off the roof. The primary reason to clean asphalt roofs with shingles is to eliminate the growth of a fungus called Gloeocapsa Magma. This specific type of algae is a spore-born one and can grow on any roof. Most times, the proprietor of the property doesn’t even be aware of the growth of algae until it starts to take over large portions on the roofing. The algae typically leaves dark black or brown stains on the roof and thrives in humid and warm regions. Roof cleaning with the proper cleaners can eliminate the unsightly blemish on roofing surfaces if you are aware of the best methods.

Some manufacturers recommend mixing TSP as well as Bleach to eliminate the fungus. Others suggest using a sodium hydroxide-based cleaner instead. Whatever cleaner you employ to clean roofing, you must consult the roofing manufacturer to make sure that it meets their standards. Some manufacturers can invalidate the warranty of roofing shingles for one method, however not for the other. But, ALL roofing manufacturers agree that the use of excessive pressure should never be utilized for cleaning roofs. Specific specifications limit the safe pressure at 600 PSI however the most effective method to apply is. “Use the least amount of pressure and the mildest chemical possible to achieve the desired result!”

If you’re considering getting into the asphalt shingle roof cleaning industry, I’d strongly recommend taking a course provided through The Power Washers of North America. (PWNA) This comprehensive course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the correct techniques as well as chemical processes and roofing construction required for this important service to your business.