The Need For Formal Management and Leadership Training Programs

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Leslie abruptly quit the company just a month ago after working for six years. After the New Years, Leslie was promoted to Manager of a mid-sized department in the head office. All in that department felt in support of the promotion and felt that it was well-deserved and was prepared to help their new manager.

Let’s look at the process by which Leslie received the job. One of the most important factors was the attitude. Talk about the “can accomplish” attitude. In the past, any time there was a problem presented, it was Les who was front and center. “I can take this” was a phrase commonly that this employee was known for. Indeed often, there was no second thought to offer the challenge to a different employee management training Courses in dubai.

What do you think of Les’s ability to leadership. Nothing wrong here! Every profile revealed only positive scores on every aspect of the abilities in the matrix of leadership for the company.

A further factor for promotion was the employee’s performance in the last 24 months. This was based of the corporation’s ratings system, which ranges from 1 to 6, Les was a top performer with an average of 5.45 average score.

Then, is it something to do with motivation? Was Leslie perhaps not sufficiently motivated to do her job in the new job of Manager? Absolutely not! Everyone would have given it more effort. This was a Manager who was able to come in early each day, did his lunch and before staying up till late. These were definitely not the actions of a person who was not motivated enough to achieve. So , what did they do?

A final interview held by HR manager following the resignation was accepted provided some clues as to the cause of the decision to leave.

The role of the Manager required Leslie to carry out tasks that were not performed in earlier times. Yes, the specifics of how the department was performed were well-known over the last five years. But, there was no chance to play the managerial role in an interim capacity in the absence of the prior Manager. In reality, there was no formal program of training for managers in place.

The company was always convinced that if you were able to do the work yourself, then you’d be a competent manager. But, that wasn’t the case with this particular person. Motivation and drive as well as the attitude and ability were all there. But what was missing was the catalyst that brought everything together. That is, a formal program for leadership development.

What’s the situation with Leslie today? At the time of last review, this extremely motivated and experienced employee was in the Management Trainee Program in competition with other employees. It is believed that Les is among the top trainees they’ve received in the past.